Welcome to the Multinational Alliance for Collaborative Cyber Situational Awareness (MACCSA).

MACCSA is a new and neutral multinational organisation, created to enable information sharing for Collaborative Cyber Situational Awareness (CCSA) across government, industry, military and international communities. MACCSA's Information Sharing Framework (ISF) originated from collaborative work by 15 nations in Multinational Experiment 7 (MNE7), and has since been improved to meet a range of emerging challenges, new international and national regulations, and best practices. 

MACCSA is about developing and enabling - collaboratively.  The ISF reflects that the latest work done on protocols and standards, as well as emerging regulatory requirements and best practices.  Code has been developed to support security automation. The first cross-border information sharing pilots are underway. Work has begun to link to counter-fraud and crisis management. 

MACCSA is neutral.  Many governments, technology companies, end-user companies, military and international organisations participated in the transition from MNE7 to MACCSA.  For them, trust is key to collaboration.

MACCSA is delivering capabilities.  MACCSA and its partners continue to develop specifications for new collaborative capabilities that can be deployed nationally or internationally for use by government and industry organisations.  Deployments can be done by collaborative, usually joint venture, arrangements or by MACCSA itself. 

You can find out more about MACCSA's history, the Information Sharing Framework, its activities and its operation.  If you register, you can download the Information Sharing Framework and information about MACCSA itself.  (If you don't register, the page is blank).

MNE7 and MACCSA members can shortly access the library of documents and project plans. If you want to know more about joining MACCSA and to learn about its activities and plans, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Collaborative Cyber Situational Awareness

MACCSA was created to enable collaborative cyber situational awareness (CCSA). At the request of major organisations, it is expanding its scope to implement and operate collaborative capabilities, capable of supporting information sharing activities.  MACCSA is doing this with other international organisations.

Trust & Federated Identity Management

The nations' top requirement to collaborate is for trust.  Trust is based on federated identity and access management.  MACCSA is working with organisations and nations to enable them build high assurance federated identity management, based on international standards, which enable interoperability and re-use.  This includes new national registers for the identification and for attributes about trusted Organisations.

Increasing regulatory compliance

MACCSA participates in the development of EU regulations and directives, such as the eID Authentication and Signature Regulation and also the Network Information Security Platform, which supports the EU Cyber Security Strategy.  MACCSA is participating with US government organisations on the development of relevant cybersecurity and supply chain standards and policies, and works with international organisations such as UN, ITU-T and ISO.


MACCSA is involved in counter-fraud efforts internationally.  Its UK partner, BBFA, is engaged with law enforcement in several countries, including Operation Falcon and London's MOPAC, and the Commonwealth.  It also participates in the EU MAPPING project on internet governance, privacy and trust. 


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